The Textile Creative seeks to strengthen the human-earth connection through the fashion and textile choices we make. We source local fiber. We grow our own dyes. We refinish, revitalize, and reuse everything we can, and we teach our community about the art of hand-craft, of preservation, and of a function of living a thoughtful life. 


From natural fiber clothing to thoughtfully refinished furniture, our designs are simple, clean, and modern. With an emphasis on domestically produced, humanely sourced, and high quality materials, our goal is to reconnect people to the earth through the clothing and textiles they use every day of their lives. 


Diana is skilled at sewing, knitting, macrame, and other forms of hand-craft. She provides custom sewing services for clothing, home textiles, and furniture pieces. She offers small batch dyeing for cloth and fibers, as well as natural dye staining for furniture and other solid wood pieces. 


Do you yearn for more creativity in your life? Are you interested in making your own clothing, mending, or preserving the garments and textiles you already own? Check out TTC's workshop and events page! In addition to the listed offerings, Diana also teaches mini sessions at her tent at the South Durham Farmer's Market. And, if you're interested in hosting an "experience" event for friends or loved ones, Diana would be happy to tailor a workshop to your interests.